ARMOR TOP For Schools, Playgrounds, Pathways and Cool Pavement Solutions

Armor Top is manufactured using only non-chemically treated ingredients to produce the greenest, environmentally and eco-conscious pavement protection products available. Armor Top is the recommended and requested product for the majority of schools in California due to its eco-conscious design.

Cool Pavement Solutions

We have worked closely with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the State of California to produce Cool pavement solutions for school yards, pathways and other pavement surfaces. Asphalt pavement absorbs heat and is the main factor in creating the “Heat Island Effect.” By coating asphalt surfaces with a solar reflective cool pavement seal coat, the benefits include:

  • Improved Comfort and Health
  • Better Air Quality
  • Slowed Climate Change
  • Increased Energy Savings

We recommend this product
#375 Armor Top

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