Jet Top is a pre-mixed non-asphalt base, mineral colloid emulsion engineered with a very high non-volatile content and blended with specially formulated epoxy modified co-polymer resin. Jet Top provides superior resistance to non-aromatic petroleum fuels and aliphatic solvents found on surfaces at military, civilian and private airports where heavy truck and aircraft traffic is expected. Jet Top provides excellent protection and a smooth surface to asphaltic concrete surfaces and waterproofing materials that prevent surface erosion resulting in increased longevity. Jet Top’s chemical compositor has been carefully selected to enhance protection against aggressive chemicals present in gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, hydraulic and brake fluid. Additionally Jet Top is suitable for surfaces located at truck depots, loading facilities, refineries, service stations and container storage facilities such as ports and train yards.

Compatible with water based, federal spec and thermoplastic striping paints, Jet Top is a water based product containing no asphaltic oils or other petroleum additives. Jet Top protects asphalt pavements against the ravages of ultra-violet photo-oxidation as well as petroleum spill and water drainage. Jet Top is durable and bonds directly to properly prepared substrates and is not affected by high surface temperatures.

Jet Top is compliant with Federal specifications: RP355E, ASTM-3320-74T, MIC-L-15203C, Cal Trans Section 37-4 and FAA engineering brief 46A for use on airport surfaces.

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