ARMOR TOP Premium Asphalt Seal Coating Products

Armor Top is designed with high non-volatile content and very low wet track abrasion to produce a long lasting durable surface. Armor Top is blended with specially formulated epoxy-modified acrylic resins to provide superior surface protection and additional weather proofing components to the wearing course. Our manufacturing process is free of all harsh chemical emulsifiers and diesel fuel cutback. In manufacturing Armor Top, we only use non-chemically treated ingredients to produce the greenest, environmentally and eco-conscious pavement products available.

Complies with Green book 203-9 Standard: Thick rich finish that wears evenly. Cured color, deep black.

High Residual Asphalt Content and Low Wet Track Abrasion: Translation, Long Lasting with less tire scuffing and wheel marking.

Eco-Friendly: Manufactured to produce an environmentally conscious product.

We recommend these products
#302 Armor Top
#327 Armor Top
#375 Armor Top

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