Maintenance Spotlight By Steve Jackson

Tip of the month: Sprinkler Runoff / Asphalt Killer. Asphalt Doesn’t Grow

Water has the power to tear mountains down, cut through the Earth like a sharp knife and is fully responsible for epic landmarks like the Grand Canyon. Water can easily erode asphalt parking lots and roadways. Whenever I see major damage to asphalt surfaces, water is always the culprit. We all like to have green spaces. Plants make us happy. But sprinkler runoff and over watering destroy asphalt. To prevent surface erosion:

• Adjust sprinklers to contain all watering within planter borders.
• Cut down watering time to 5 minutes twice a day (morning and evening).
• Install water conserving drip system.

Asphalt maintenance is a major expense. These simple steps will help protect and increase the longevity of the asphalt investment. For more information, please contact us.
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